Sometimes, you just gotta row. Ted Cruz be damned.

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Sometimes, you just gotta row. Ted Cruz be damned.

The Iowa Caucus happened last night! Well kinda! While Ted Cruz landed a decisive victory against an eerily humble Donald Trump, Hillary and Bernie basically tied, which has a real “we did all this to not get a winner” vibe to it. But at least one guy in Iowa didn’t let the election fever get to him. No, he had way more important things to do. He had his delts and his biceps and his quads and his pecs and his abs, and they took precedence over the ridiculous horse race. This is Rowing Dude.

He’s not going to stop to listen to Ted Cruz. Not when he’s trying to get swole on what is arguably the coolest of all the machines in the gym. (Rowing machines, used correctly, always look badass and intense.) And you know what? I think he made the right choice. If he had skipped his rowing regimen to listen to Cruz, literally nothing would be different today except this dude would feel bad about skipping his workout. So I say, good job, Rowing Dude. Your dedication is an inspiration to the rest of us.

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