30 minute workout for Indoor Rowing beginners

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New to indoor rowing?


Rowing indoors on the Concept 2 rower is ideal for a ton of reasons. Aerobic conditioning, strength, upper and lower body conditioning, low impact, and the list goes on.

To begin, it is good to understand there is an order to rowing and it needs to be practiced. Below is a 30 minute session that will help practice the technical fundamentals while getting in a nice 30 minute row.

First 5 min:
Begin arms only: Legs straight, body perpendicular (straight up at 12 O’clock). pulls arm only, drawing elbows straight behind you and feeling as though you are placing them on a invisible shelf behind you. Keep long with gradual acceleration.

Add Back. Swing back from 11 O’clock to 1 O’clock while pulling the arms in at finish. Use back and arms together for maximum blend.

Add 1/2 slide. Gradually bring legs into stroke

Add Full slide.

Should be around 22 strokes per minute for 2 min at 65% effort. Change stroke rate to 24 for 1 minute, then 26 for 1 minute.

Next 10 minutes:

10 strokes at 85% effort, the 10 Strokes paddle. Start at 22 and progress up 2 strokes to 30 and then back down.

Last 10 minutes

4 min at 20, 3 min at 22, 2 min at 24, 1 min at 26 (65%)

It will be over befor you know it. Happy rowing.

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