Welcome to Row Indoors

If you are interested in an impact-free workout that burns calories faster than bicycling and exercises the entire body, not just your legs or arms, rowing just might be for you.

Former U.S. National Team rower Duncan Kennedy will teach you how to row like a champion. Duncan is a master motivator who has taught hundreds of students – young and old, fit and out-of-shape – to push themselves safely and effectively.

“Having never rowed in my life, I joined Duncan’s class a year ago when my orthopedist said not to run anymore. I thought I’d learn the technique in a week and then row in my own. I stayed with the class because I found Duncan to be a great motivator. A year later, Duncan is still improving my technique; I’ve lost 20 pounds; and my wife says I’m in the best shape of my life.” – Ron Manuel, age 55