In 1997, with the help and enthusiasm of Jim Karanas, who is Group Exercise Director at Club One, Duncan became the first certified master rower to bring organized indoor rowing classes to the West Coast.

Duncan covers all training zones in order to provide participants with a comprehensive workout and measurable performance gains.

The atmosphere in class is fun and collegiate and dedicated to helping you develop focus, consistency, and an understanding of how to train smart.

Classes are held during the week at Club One’s facility at Embarcadero Center #2 from 11:30-12:15 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and are free for Club One members. For more information, please contact Row Indoors.

Classes are now being held at the boutique studio, OMpower on 2nd & Townsend in San Francisco. Hope to see you there!

“Duncan’s workouts are first-rate.”
– Ted Pratt, Architect