Workout for Friday June 1, 2007

Warm – up: 10 minutes begin at a steady state pace at 22 for 2 minutes. As you get to the end of 2 minutes take a “power 10” at that rate. Then go up two strokes to 24 and repeat, then 26, then 28 until end of warm up.

2 x 1,000 meters with 3″ minutes rest

Rate: 22 for 250 meters, 24 for 250, 26 for 250, 28 for 250
Pace: FULL PRESSURE. Look to bring your split down by 2 with each lift in the stroke rate

Rest 5 minutes

2 x 500 meters

Rate 28 for 250m, then 30 for 250

We are looking to take that full pressure velocity per stroke and keep it efficient and strong as you raise the rate. You will feel the fatigue as the rate climbs. Stay focused on technique at the catch when you press the legs and lock up the body with nice suspension. Note: changing rate from 28-30 on the 500 only requires one to rebound the hands away and set the body a tiny bit quicker. The recovery doesn’t change much.

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