Wednesday June 4, 2008

warm-up 10 minutes on heavy damper 10 at steady state intensity (14-18 secs above 2k pace at 22 strokes a min)

5 x 5 min ON
1 min OFF

Rate 28 for all of them
#1 Pace: 12 secs over 2K
#2 Pace: 10 secs over 2K
#3 Pace: 8 secs over 2K
#4 Pace: 8 secs over 2K
#5 Pace: 1 min at 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 secs over 2k

The idea is to keep the 28 rhythm in tact and jump off the catch. Stay long and connected with the legs and mid section. Swing the upper body and rebound the arms at the finish in a nice quick and lively fashion. This is a rhythm workout with a blend of progression of power.

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