Friday May 1, 2009

Warm up: 10 minutes
Damper setting goes from 0-10 (10 being the heaviest)

5 x 1m on 1m off at high damper @ 22 (Full Pressure)

5 x 1m on 1m off at zero damper @ 22 (Full Pressure)

10 x 30 sec on 30 sec off normal setting (bet 3-4) @ 30

5 x 15 strokes (max power…hard as you can pull) on 10 strokes off at normal damper setting @ 30

Notice the quickness of your connection when you change from “heavy damper” to “light damper”. You need to be quick at the catch to grasp the heaviness of the wheel. if you don’t then you are not conneccting quick and skillfull enough. keep focusing on the preparation on the recovery and the de-acceleration on the recovery.

Have a great weekend!

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