Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit training is a great method for getting lean and strong and. With a well-designed circuit training workout, you can attain the Holy Grail of physique transformation – increased strength and muscle mass along with decreased body fat – simultaneously.

You may not be concerned with seeing your abs, but the benefits of losing fat go far beyond aesthetics. Low body fat levels are associated with higher VO2 max and decreased incidence of injury, as well as a greater strength-to-weight ratio, which is positively correlated to athletic success.

The key is combining correct exercise selection and execution. It can be as simple as a series of squat jumps, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, skipping rope, planks, rowing on the concept 2 rower. By switching to each station every 1:20 with :20 sec rest and doing it 3x, will give you a great workout and get you tough, strong, and lean.

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