Pushing the body into new zones by Lifting Rates

As we train the body for Head races (5K distances), it is important to train the stroke rate in relation to power. It becomes apparent quickly when we raise the stroke rate to 28 – 32 on the erg how much it robs us of our oxygen. Therefore it is vital we begin training the body to adapt to higher rates without losing the efficiency of our power. Below is a great workout to begin this process and test the higher rates.

4 x 8′ (2′, 2′, 2′,2′) at (22, 28, 22, 28 strokes per min). 3-4 min rest between 8′ pieces.

The object of the workout is to get a good brisk pace at the 22 stroke rate (5K +8) and then poor on the power for the 2′ bursts of power at 28 (5K, 5K-2). Be sure to stay consistent on paces when you drop from 28 to 22 and do not let the pace drop more than 8 sec. It is not rest. The point is to lengthen out, stay poised and settle the breathing. The heart rate will take longer to recover as you row more of these pieces but will also indoctrinate the body to “touch” more uncomfortable paces in short/med pieces.

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