Power and Rate for Rowing

Creating power during the drive phase of the rowing stroke is very important. The amount of power can vary of course, and it isn’t predicated on how fast you row.

For example, it is possible to row with 100% effort at an 18 stroke rating just as it is to row 50% at a 18 stroke rating. The only difference the rower experiences is a change in rhythm and ratio of power to rest.

As rowers get more ‘efficient’ with their power to their rate, they ultimately get fitter. Theoretically, the faster pace a rower can row at lower rates, the faster and more efficient they can be when the raise the rate.

Below is a practice to help with rate vs power.

Warm up for 10 min. Rate 18-24

5 x 3 min
x 2 with 1:30 rest in between.
Rate 20, 22, 24, 26, 28

beginning at 20 stroke rate for first minute hold your pace around 65%. On the 2nd minute, row a bit harder and knock 2-4 seconds off your previous pace, but do not raise the rate. Keep it at 20. Thrid minute pull harder and knock another 2-4 seconds off your pace and maintain 20 strokes a minute. You’ll notice the effort created gets greater and the recovery phase needs to be slower to make up for the quicker drive. This makes for better ‘ratio’ and better efficiency of power to rest. Repeat and raise the rate 2 beats and apply the same increase in effort at each minute without raising rate.

Enjoy Your Row and Feel The Wheel!

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