The Row Indoors Quickie Workout 01/05/16

When you are pressed for time, and don’t think you can workout then think again. It isn’t about how much time you need but what you do within that time that truly counts.

Lucky fr you, #rowindoors has a great workout suggestion for you that is 18 minutes, and you’ll be glad it is no more than that! Note: This is a a short, but intense focused workout that will leave you quite “done.”

Warm Up
row steady state for 3 minutes at 22-24, then take (3) 10 stroke pieces at 28, 30, 32.

The Meat of the Workout: 8-10 minutes
17 strokes at FULL Pressure, 5 strokes paddle x 10 at 30 strokes a minute. For a serious burn, paddle for just 3 strokes and begin the build up to full pressure on the 4th and 5th paddle stroke!

Cool down
3 minutes of paddle at 40%-50%

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