Workout for Wednesday March 28th

10 minutes (4 @20,3@22,2@24,1@26)
Begin your pace about +18 above 2k pace at 20 and work your way down as the stroke rate rises.

500 meters@ 28 Full effort (Fan on 4-5)

2 min ON
1 min OFF x4 (@ 26)
5K pace (on 3rd and 4th piece pull fan lever to O)

500 meters@ 30 Full effort (Fan on 1)

4 x 10 strokes at 30, 32, 34, 36 Max Effort

Cool Down.

Be sure to stay quick on the catch and make every effort to suspend through out the drive. When the fan is on 0 it is important to get the resistance early and stay with it all the way until you release the handle on the recovery. Make sure the legs make the connection and stay stretched out with the arms.

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