Ever wanted to row on the water?

As much as I like teaching indoor rowing, my real aim is to steer those who enjoy it to see the real wonders of the sport on the water! Therefore I will take a little time to endorse a rowing camp I think most of you would really enjoy! It is called Craftsbury Sculling camp (www.craftsbury.com) located in the beautiful state of Vermont. I don’t know where God winters, but he definitely summers in Vermont!

It is at Craftsbury where you will have the undivided attention of excellent coaches, personalized video, and guest speakers/lectures for 4-7 days depending on your package. It is also couched as a family resort and includes mountain and trail biking, swimming, massage, campfires,etc… for the spouse and kids who do not share your crazed obsession with the sport.

The coaching is top notch and the food and lakefornt lodging is superior. Please check it out. It may be the coolest “vacation” you ever spent rowing.

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