Wednesday May 2, 2007

Warm-Up 15 minutes
first 5 minutes at 22 with some pause drills at hands away, body angle forward and half slide.
The last 10 minutes at 20, 22, 24, 26 for 4min, 3min, 2min, 1min

2x 6 minute @ 26, 24, 22
Pace: 26 @ 5k or second better, and as you descend in rate drop the pace by 2 seconds

2-3 10 stroke pieces @ a 30: build the stroke for the first 3 and hold for the last 7. Make sure to build the stroke with power and not rate. You should not be at a 30 until the 4th stroke. Really feel the build up on the drive and keep slowing up into the front stops.

Cool Down

The idea is to begin the piece at a higher rate and as we drop the rate we continue to hold the same power. If the pace drops by about 2 seconds then your power per stroke is staying consistent. If it doesn’t it means you are not staying at the same power wattage. This is a good workout to teach the system to stay strong and take advantage of the low rate with good intake of air to the lungs on the recovery. Strength and endurance is challenged.

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